AJ Carmichael

Christianity, Crimson, & Astronautics.

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A lot of this is just support material for videos I have made or projects I have worked on that I would love to share.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I did creating it.

Python Unity Hand Recognition

Using machine learning libraries in Python, C# and Unity, this hand tracker allows you to interact with a virtual environment.

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App Prototype for Seymour Johnson AFB

I wasn't too pleased with my base's app, so I made my own prototype. Check it out.

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Ultimate BMT Schedule - Air Force

I spent the entirety of BMT taking notes and recording what was going on. Hope this helps!

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A nice bit of exposé. I definitely prefer a low profile nowadays, but, I do enjoy a good bit of storytelling.

Picture by Sabrina Fuller

One SJAFB Airman's Journey to Space!

Sat down for a nice interview with Air Force Public Affairs.

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